Codeplexus automates basic day-to-day admin support and streamline efforts and reduces errors by eliminating manual checks.

It’s all about efficiency and making sure you and your team focus efforts in the right places. That means spending time on increasing revenue, launching new products, keeping costs down, and spreading the word. Unfortunately, the “catch-all” category of “admin” can be a distraction that prevents you from using your time for more important projects.

You know the admin tasks when you see them. Keeping your invoicing up to date, preparing taxes, importing credit card sales data into QuickBooks, tracking website analytics, arranging payroll, scheduling, and managing your to do list all fall under administration.


Our experts are skilled with regularly trained and certified.

We provide the people, knowledge and expertise to help our customers grow.

Programmed Skilled Workforce can take complete responsibility for sourcing, recruiting and managing your entire workforce, so that you can focus on your core business.

Supported by our in-house safety, human resources, industrial relations and procurement teams, outsourcing your workforce management to Programmed enables you to focus on the technical, sales and operational parts of your business while we take care of people and productivity.

We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs in order to provide a customised and comprehensive service that increases employee productivity, improves overall business performance and helps you manage risk.


Codeplexus continuously looks for the ways to improve and adapt new technologies.


Codeplexus offers datacenter migration , Public & private cloud migrations.


Codeplexus offers a complete array of Managed security services for traditional data to secure applications and next generation platforms including cloud, mobility and big data and analytics.

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