IT Service Management

Well, of course it does, but what are IT services? Think of any piece of technology you use at your workplace – your laptop, the apps installed on it, the printer that your entire team uses, or the option to reset your password even after the first 15 times. They’re all services provided by your IT team. In other words – IT services.


ITSM or Information Technology Service Management refers to all managerial aspects of IT businesses. It include models for IT Planning, Support, Delivery, Security and Infrastructure, and other provisions for better customer service.

Customer satisfaction and business goals are at the core of ITSM success. The particulars laid under ITSM cover issues and expectations within organizations and meeting IT management deliverables.

All aspects of ITSM are process-based and tie common interests with various improvement methodologies and frameworks. The study is not related to the use of particular IT management products but focuses on delivering frameworks that make IT elated interactions and activities better oriented with the business goals and customer demands. In many cases, ITSM overlaps itself with IT portfolio management practices and business service management. One should understand that this is a complete “back office” managerial activity and is also referred to as operations architecture. Many experts suggest ITSM to be analogous to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

  • Change management – Standardized methods for effective management of business changes
  • Configuration management – Logical and physical aspects of IT infrastructure plus other IT services
  • Incident Management – Day to day functioning / controls that helps restore acceptable norms of IT practices
  • Release Management – Verification, testing and simultaneous release of IT environment changes
  • Problem Management – Diagnosis of incidents to proactively manage and eliminate errors
  • Service Desk – Facilitates a central interaction platform for the business and customers


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