Infrastructure applications

Infrastructure software is a type of enterprise software or program specifically designed to help business organizations perform basic tasks such as workforce support, business transactions and internal services and processes. The most common examples of infrastructure software are database programs, email and other communication software and security applications.


Application infrastructure is software platforms for the delivery of business applications, including development and runtime enablers.

Application development and AIM software services — The AD software market comprises tools that represent each phase of the software development life cycle (application life cycle management [ALM], design, construction, automated software quality and other AD software). The Application Infrastructure and Middleware market segment includes business process management (BPM)-enabling technologies, integration-enabling middleware, platform middleware, portals and Web 2.0 infrastructure, and various additional products grouped together as “other AIM.” Integration-enabling middleware is software that enables independently designed applications, software components or services to work together, by supporting data consistency, composite application and multi-step process styles of integration.


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