Cloud migration (SAP Cloud & Microsoft Azure Cloud)

The conventional ERP installations/migrations typically demand ample effort and planning. The use of ERP systems on-premise increases administration costs and maintenance window is more and time consuming, also involves a host of other known and unknown risks.


Organizations require huge investments to keep the servers up and running, and have challenges to scale the existing hardware. Organizations are faced with the challenge to accommodate the infrastructure, and have to deal with frequent downtime following an emergency maintenance due to system malfunctions. Today‘s business wants to replace obsolete infrastructure and virtualize SAP Servers to increase space utilization, scalability and availability. There is an ever growing need to optimize Annual Maintenance Cost and reduce capital expenses. By utilizing the route of SAP installation/migration on cloud, businesses can capitalize on speed of deployment as cloud ERP doesn’t require additional hardware and can scale up based on the demand.

Azure is an open flexible cloud platform that allows application to be hosted and run at Microsoft data centers. Codeplexus has experienced Microsoft Azure professionals, providing complete range of Microsoft Azure Cloud services like migration to Azure services platform, enterprise application development on Azure platform, development of Azure solutions on the existing cloud or web-based platform and integration with SQL Azure to list a few. Our experts can efficiently manage your enterprise’s move to Azure Cloud along with developing and implementing custom Azure solutions with the powerful features of windows Azure.


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