Your data center is vital to your competitiveness. But the energy costs of running a data center are all set to overtake the investment costs. The Fujitsu Data Center Optimization Assessment service is designed to increase your power efficiency and so drive operational and capital stewardship that is aligned with sustainable ICT policy implementation and the reduction of greenhouse gases.


Our Approach

Our Data Center Optimization services increase power efficiency, lowering the cost of your data center operations and management. In addition, the service provides a credible, independent assessment to support your sustainability strategy and enable you to meet regulatory compliance needs.

Our assessments are tailored to meet the needs of your individual organization and may involve any of the following:

  • Facility Assessments – to clearly determine the factors which affect the energy efficiency of your IT operations, and to make qualified recommendations for optimizing the efficiency of your data center
  • Measurement and Metrics – to enable ongoing management and continuous improvement, including such de-facto standards as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Carbon Usage Effectiveness, and Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) evaluation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – to obtain the right balance between space, power and cooling in the data center. From the placement of hardware, right up to the many factors impacting airflow
  • Holistic Data Center Simulation – to instantly predict your power consumption change based on server load concentration and air-conditioning controls, using real, variable workloads
  • Facility Energy Certification – to bring rising energy costs under control while assisting you in optimizing your energy efficiency
  • On-site Inspection and Measurement – to reveal additional opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency that require minimal expense or can be implemented through changes in operational management.

Take a closer look at our advanced data centers

For those customers wishing to make use of our computing services, our advanced data centers are designed and managed under a stringent set of environmental principles. Utilizing our facilities allows your business to significantly reduce the energy consumption associated with data centers and thus decrease business costs.

Key energy-saving features include:

  • Real-time power monitoring systems to maximize energy efficiency
  • Diesel rotary uninterrupted power supply (DRUPS) which is 5% more efficient, saves plant space and removes the need for lead batteries
  • UPS has an efficiency rating of up to 90%, typically four times higher than in-house data centers

See how others have already benefited from our services.

Global Cloud Services

Cloud has the very real potential to slow down spiraling ICT-related energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, Fujitsu has established a network of more than 108 data centers in all the major regions of the world. When implemented on a global level, the cloud can be inherently more sustainable than traditional computing models due, for example, to its greater efficiencies of scale and use of shared resources.

Fujitsu’s concept of a human centric society makes full use of cloud-based sensor-networks including:

  • Smart Traffic Cloud – real-time information on road and traffic conditions
  • Smart Agriculture Cloud – data on the climate, soil and water, as well as crop conditions
  • Smart Grid – optimized power generation and distribution
  • Smart Water Cloud – real-time information gathering on such environmental aspects as water quality and drainage.


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