Digital Media implementation

Codeplexus team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a culture.

Digital Media implementation

We are a young and creative company and we offer you fresh Digital Media Services.

Content is the new business driver It’s engaging your audiences and opening new revenue opportunities. And it puts media and entertainment companies in the hot seat. For many organizations, new forms of content are exciting — but also so complex that they’re altering the way companies create and store digital assets. Our Digital Media Services (DMS) practice brings order to your digital media lifecycle and distribution. Your team tracks and manages its assets faster and more affordably. You’re ready to convert content into opportunity. We build custom content solutions that streamline the workflows for creating, managing, distributing and consuming media. Our DMS team also offers a portfolio of services to ensure your content is business-ready. Our services span the content lifecycle, from assessment and strategy to implementation and support.

How Your Business Benefits How does leveraging the content lifecycle improve your organization? You speed up your contents’ time to market. You can quickly localize and distribute assets. You can also reduce manual processing and dependency on external resources. And when the system integrates with reporting tools, you gain visibility that lets you make better, more informed decisions. All of that streamlining requires strong IT integration. Asset management and delivery applications must be able to communicate seamlessly. Storage management policies need to be in place to ensure cost-efficient, reliable access to assets. Redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery are essential.

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Future is brighter when you’re more prepared

We bring the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge to help you succeed in your work

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Delivering Solutions

01We are able to give truly independent advice

We’re here to inform which tactics need funding and which are drains on a robust synopsis for resources.

02Advice based on your goals

We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making.

03We’re here to help during cumbersome migration & implementation

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster  thinking to further the overall value proposition.

The operational processes are what drives the business

Somnox sleep robot is now available in the world famous Harrods flagship store in London to help you succeed.

Our Process help brands adapt and thrive in a connected world

We’re here to inform which tactics need funding and which are drainson resources.

A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. In fact, 59% of customers prefer to buy products from brands they know. How do you become a sought-after brand with endless sales and raving fans? By identifying your promise to a customer or client. The challenge is communicating a clear and cohesive message.


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